Monday, May 16, 2011

Thats Why We Voted For Him

HUMAN EVENTS had the opportunity to sit down with Gov. Robert McDonnell of Virginia for an exclusive interview at his Richmond office to discuss how he inherited two budget shortfalls in the billions, but maneuvered his way to producing a budget … surplus!

And revenues to the government increased.

And unemployment is hovering at 6%, way below the national average.

Oh, and he did it by not raising taxes.

Basically, Gov. McDonnell is a walking refutation of the liberal notion that spending and borrowing create wealth.

“You have to make those tough cuts, endure political criticism, knowing that in the long run your state is going to be healthier,” McDonnell told us. “I realize that government doesn’t create jobs, and the ones that they do they are not really the ones you want. You want the private sector ones, innovative jobs that are long-term going to grow the economy.”

Here’s him telling us how he’s eliminated government agencies, courted business development, and even cut the allegedly untouchable category of education funding.

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