Thursday, May 26, 2011

Remington Nickel Plated UMC 9mm Ammo Review

Today was a first! This is my first ever, breaking new ground, never been done before, product review.

A few weeks ago, the nice folks at Lucky Gunner Ammo emailed me,
Also, I see that you shoot 9mm… would you like to test some of the new nickel plated stuff by Remington? An informal, laid back review sharing your opinion of the new line is fine with me:
And I, with much kewlness, replied,
Um...WOW. I would love to, BUT...
See... the problem is that Henrico County, Virginia is horrible about zoning for firearm related business. Gun cooties, you see....

The only range in the area is in a neighboring county and they make you buy all the ammo that you shoot from them, that day or they seal what you buy for later shooting. Monopolies are like that....

Enter The Smoking Gun. Owned by Jeff Picchi, The Smoking Gun Range welcomes all shooters AND THEIR AMMO. Clean, well lit, with helpful staff, my range time was both economical and fun. The 60 mile round trip was well worth the time and gas. Cheaper too.

And so on to the review!

What was my first reaction to the Remington Nickel Plated UMC Target Ammunition?


Very shiny. I almost did not want to get fingerprints on them.

Being that I have some old ammo, I can see how the nickel plating would definitely reduce verdigris from developing during exposure to moisture in an ammo belt or during long term storage, especially in a marine environment.

Stats for the round can be found here.

I brought my two 9 mm hand guns with me. One a modern Glock 17. The other is a venerable war veteran, a 1943 Browning FN HP Mk I, made in Inglis, Canada.

For comparison, I also brought along Winchester 9mm Luger Target/Range ammo. Both brands have the 115 grain bullet.

Loading 10 rounds per magazine, I fired two magazines through each pistol for each brand.
One of the qualities being touted for the Remington was " smoother feeding and cycling of a weapon." Unfortunately, firing only 50 rounds total through both weapons was insufficient to determine if there was a difference between brass and nickel plated. More testing is needed...... (yes...its shameless begging! I admit it!)

The results are:
Using the Browning: two failures to feed with the Winchester ammo - one each per mag and one stovepipe with the Remington ammo. However, I do not believe the ammo was at fault.

Using the Glock: no failures at all.

And because my shooting SUCKED,......all I will say is that accuracy with both brands was adequate. Without thinking about it, I threw my target away....D'OH! Didn't think about it until I was 25 miles down the road. What can I say? This is my first review.

At ten yards, freestanding, both the Remington and the Winchester performed as expected. I shoot left of the bull with both the Glock and Browning.......and that is exactly where it went. Most of it was in the black.... I did seem to have a smaller grouping with the Remington....

I finished it off, mixing both brands together, to see how Remington would feed with mixed rounds. Did a rapid fire with the Glock. No failures.

I finished off the testing, determined to bring my confidence up by shooting something other than a 9 mm. So I broke out my Bersa Thunder (Go Breda!) and my Ruger .22.


In a related matter,
To those trying to introduce others, (like your know who you are), to shooting, and you discover that your wife is...shall we say... recoil sensitive....find a .22 pistol. My lane neighbor was trying to introduce a gun phobic wife to shooting. His first round out of the 9mm Ruger made her jump back 4 feet. And when SHE shot...I could feel the flinch in MY booth.

So I lent her my Ruger .22 for 20 rounds. By the last five rounds, she was shooting them without help and no flinching.

Even got a smile. Welcome to the shooting world.

Please note that Lucky Gunner Ammo provided me with the box of Remington ammunition I used in this review, and I will be at the Memorial Day blogger shoot this weekend. WOOHOO!

Remember, this weekend, take a moment to remember those that have sacrificed their lives to defend us. Its not all about shooting, Bar-B-Q, and a three day weekend. We still have guys out there that don't get a day off.

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