Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood In the White House?

Report--Obama quietly appoints Muslim Brotherhood to key posts (updates)

An ex-CIA agent and counter-intelligence expert has revealed in a special report that Barack Obama has quietly appointed individuals who are friendly to radical Islam to key posts within the Administration.

Clare Lopez, former professor at the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies, wrote a policy paper in February of 2009 entitled, 'The Iran Lobby,' which details the systematic appointment of Sharia-friendly advocates within the State Department and other government agencies. While the paper does not deal specifically with the Muslim Brotherhood, information is presented that shows the growing influence of radical Islam within the U.S. government.

Events which are currently unfolding in the Middle East are a consequence of the behind-the-scenes work of Islamic advocates within the Administration.

According to reports issued by NewsRealBlog, RedState, and LaborUnionReport, secret documents released by Wikileaks indicate that the United States government has been in the process of planning social and political upheaval in the Middle East for at least 2 years--beginning during the waning days of the Bush Administration and continuing under Obama. The goal was to push moderate Muslim dictators out the door in countries such as Egypt, while advocating so-called 'democracy' which would then insure the rise of Muslim Brotherhood-supported Islamists to fill the power-gap.

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