Monday, April 25, 2011

Always Blame the Ones Who Make the Product

Gas wars: The battle lines are drawn for this summer’s gas price blame game. Sen. Richard Blumentahal (D-Conn.) told Face the Nation that Obama should issue subpoenas and convene a grand jury to “uncover the potential wrongdoing” by oil companies. GOPers, meanwhile, are going to pin the blame squarely on Obama’s offshore oil drilling moratorium which has already decreased domestic offshore oil production by 13% this year. The wild card, however, will be Libya. A plurality of Americans blames unrest in the Middle East for high gas pries. If Obama continues to look clueless on Libya, expect these issues to blend together.
Issue subpeonas; drag their asses in front of Congress. Make them confess. Typical marxist drivel. Its those eeeeeevulllll oil companies.

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