Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is Trump An Idiot?

He says WE left Iraq in shambles. Who's he been talking to? Al Jazeera? Baghdad Bob? We started re-building Iraq in 2004 when the CB's went in and set up schools to teach the Iraqi's basic construction skills. We've been re-building the WWTP's, power generation stations and punching fresh water wells every place they were needed. Insurgents blow the new stuff up because they want to keep everyone living in the stone age. We build it again. Sometimes again.
A Dhimmicrat Congress voted to give the oil contracts to foreign companies because those evil American oil companies weren't going to profit from this war. Never mind the pink slip for those wells had already been signed in the blood of the men and women who died freeing them for the Iraqi people.

The Donald will not be President without a firm grip on reality.

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