Monday, March 21, 2011

Hate America Weekend-The Wrap

I may have more to say about the Charlie Foxtrot that was Joplin Road and US Rt 1 on Sunday. I saw millions in state tax dollars being wasted on a bunch of losers with a megaphone exercising their right to be stupid in public. There were 5 seperate LEA's on site today: VA State Police; Prince William County Police; Park Service Police (Mounted); Marine Corps MP's; and what I can only assume were DHS agents. I would never have allowed those clowns to pull the stunt they pulled by closing down a primary North-South corridor.

Uncle Jimbo and mystery reporter Athena Vitamin embed with the loonies at Quantico and, as usual, the result is a hard look at the geniuses behind free bradley manning. Just remember folks, these people are living and working amongst you and they vote. (Often)

In case you missed the first two installments of this weekend's festivities, here are some links so you can get caught up:

Day 1
As an aside to the Day 1 link, we now have a video up that has three years worth of Friday nights at Walter Reed. Good music and lots of Patriots.

Day 2
Did you know we have a chemical substance that will reduce 40,000 tons of steel to dust in ten seconds? Seriously, I did not know that. Thats how they were able to bring the Towers down so easily. And did you know that 7 of the 9/11 hijackers are still alive and living in Jamaica. (Ok, so I made up the part about Jamaica, but they really are alive.) I recieved this information from a credible source (who just happened to be the guy holding the banner saying 1,000 engineers and architects want the truth about 9/11.) A thousand.

Your humble blogger was the cameraman for some the video. I am now officially a member of SOG Media.

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