Monday, March 21, 2011

Cutting Oil Deals That Won't Help Americans

Speaker Boehner Challenges President Obama on Support for New Energy Production – In Brazil

March 21, 2011 by Don Seymour

In an interview with, Speaker Boehner called it “breathtaking” that the Obama Administration would back more job-creating energy production in Brazil while continuing to threaten job growth and drive up gas prices at home by blocking new American energy production.

You see, instead of lifting the de facto moratorium on American offshore energy production, the House Natural Resources Committee caught President Obama promising “to help with technology and support to develop” Brazilian oil reserves so that America could become one of Brazil’s “best customers.”

The new House majority is taking a different approach. With rising gas prices causing “big pains” at the pump for American families and small businesses, and American energy production in decline, Speaker Boehner said, “Americans are wondering, ‘well why aren’t we developing our own resources?’”

That’s why House Republicans recently launched the American Energy Initiative -- an ongoing effort to help address rising gas prices and create jobs by increasing American energy production. Here is how Speaker Boehner explained the initiative to Red County:

“One, it’s our all-of-the-above energy policy. Let’s have more oil and gas exploration, let’s use most of the royalties to help develop alternative sources of energy, but it’s clean coal technology, it’s nuclear energy. In addition to that, let’s look at what the Administration is doing that’s stopping the development of our natural resources. And if you look at the EPA, you look at the rest of these government agencies, they’re doing everything they can to put a moratorium in the Gulf, to make sure that we can’t drill in Alaska, to make sure there’s no development in the intermountain west. There are policies coming out of this Administration that are causing the price of energy to skyrocket. We need to expose this and hold them accountable for what they’re doing.”

Meanwhile, we're bombing another Muslim country and have no clue who will be in charge when we're done.

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