Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Stuff We Do

I mostly keep a very low profile when it comes to supporting our military and veterans. No one really needs to know what I do and for whom. However, if another related story involving a veteran I have helped are published, I'll call attention to the other story and explain why.

Last month I was asked to play Santa Claus for Gathering of Eagles and by extension, Warrior Legacy Foundation, and give some laptops to some wounded soldiers. The following link is to a story about one of the Warriors who received one of those laptops.

Soldier fights way back from brink
Pieces life together with husband by her side

Major tissue alert, girls.

BZ's and OOOORAHH!!! to Paul Courtier for his allegiance to his fellow Massachuesettians (is that even a word?). He made the laptop happen. I was honored to be able to help.

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