Saturday, February 05, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr Reagan

We sure could use you right about now.

Uncle Jimbo has a great essay over at Blackfive in honor of Mr. Reagan. Here's the last two paragraphs, but you should make the jump and read the whole thing.

I bet the protesters in Egypt, or the poor bastards who preceded them in Iran, would love to hear the support of the most powerful man on the planet. Or more importantly for their governments to hear it. Belief in freedom and the rule of democracy is the greatest gift America has given the world. We should never fail to stand tall and refuse to countenance tyranny. We do our country, our security and the world as a whole a tremendous good every time we reaffirm those beliefs.

So thanks President Reagan, for the inspiration, the example, the strength and the dignity. America is exceptional, we were founded that way and remain the shining city on the hill the rest of the world wishes they lived in.
Thanks Uncle J. Excellent!!!

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