Monday, February 28, 2011

GoE and Warrior Legacy Back At Walter Reed

Thanks to a very generous and thoughtful donation from the Band of Mothers, Gathering of Eagles was able to present a brand new laptop to a Staff Sergeant with 9 (NINE!!) deployments under his helmet. Dedicated Warriors such as this Staff Sergeant are the reason we sleep soundly and can freely express our opinions, no matter how distasteful some of those opinions may be; we need to give them all the support we can muster.

Thanks especially to the GoE Tidewater volunteer for getting the logistics worked out with Best Buy Business and thanks to Best Buy Business for being so damn nice. It was a Charlie Foxtrot for about an hour, but it got solved and the folks at Best Buy Broad Street helped enormously.

We took care of an 82NDABN Trooper with a nice new Toshiba and Dragonspeak.

Thanks to James Hanson, Communications Director for Warrior Legacy Foundation for donating his time this morning. Thanks to Cooking with the Troops CEO Blake Powers for making the trip under extreme weather conditions. (CwtT will have a huge announcement pertaining to our National Advisory Board soon. Stay tuned.)

A couple of SNCO's at WRAMC were instrumental in getting us in and out and for that, we are eternally grateful. HOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to my BFF SKK and Mini-SKK for being so damn hot. (You really didn't think I could do a post and not mention the hot women, did you?)

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