Wednesday, January 05, 2011

One More Example of the Wussified Left

On the heels of the wussy naval pc police relieving Capt Honors, the academic pc police have saddled an otherwise honorable American Warrior with a "crazy" label.

The left would love to see the American Warrior Class go the way of the dodo bird. You can't fight wars without Warriors, and America produces the finest Warrior Class ever seen. The left hates the American Warrior Class, but that hate is actually a manifestation of envy. They know they can't do what our Warriors do and it drives them crazy.

Community college subjects Iraq veteran to humiliating bureaucratic hoops --

Charles Whittington was discharged from the Army in 2008 for medical reasons after serving in Iraq. Upon returning to the states, he tried to lead a normal life. One aspect of that was taking classes at the Community College of Baltimore County.

Whittington was a good student and had no disciplinary problems, until he wrote a personal essay for the student paper about killing enemy combatants. For writing in the tradition of Tim O'Brien (author of "The Things They Carried" and "Going After Cacciato"), Whittington was deemed a potential threat by school administrators, who forced him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation if he wanted to continue taking classes at the college. Two months after the school made its request, Whittington gave the school his latest psychiatric evaluation from his VA therapist.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the file "describes [Whittington] as cooperative, pleasant, realistic and goal-oriented. It says he suffers from depression, inability to sleep and post-traumatic stress disorder, but shows no signs of suicidal or homicidal ideation." The school rejected the file and told Whittington to get a "fresh" evaluation.

All of the combat veterans I have met and spent any amount of time with have the same symptoms. Not a single one of them wants to go out and kill indiscriminately, but they all want to protect America and our way of life, and that may include having to take the lives of enemy combatants.

The full article from the Baltimore Sun is here. I left a comment. You should leave one as well.

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