Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hanging With Jimbo

UPDATED with hotlink to Uncle J's Blackfive post.

Uncle J is definitely on track for Honorary Southerner status. After sampling some of Tankerbabe's most excellent beef brisket lightly sprinkled with Crown Royal, and a shot of some very smooth peach sour mash, we headed out for a whirlwind tour of Richmond's Monument Ave, then up the Boulevard past the Historical Society and Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, stopping at the Carillon. (There used to be a WWI museum inside the Carillon). We ended with a brief stop at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, which is just around the corner from my hooch.

This was UJ's first visit to our fair city. He was most impressed I think with our statuary along Monument Ave. Turns out UJ is an admirer of our Confederate General staff, especially Stonewall Jackon and his dad is a serious Civil War buff.

VMFA left him speechless for a few seconds. After I told him some of the backstories on the addition, he was really impressed.

We hatched mulitple schemes in furtherance of UJ's vision of Global Domination and world peace, and had one more shot of peach sour mash.

All in all a very good day hanging with Uncle J.

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