Sunday, October 24, 2010

Time To Replace the Moron in VA-08

Note to the good citizens of VA-08: If you help Patrick Murray next week, you'll be in good company. Rumor has it that a certain irrepressible milblogger will be lending a hand at the phone banks, owing to the fact that this irrepressible milblogger now calls Virginia and the 8th Distict, home. And we are damn glad to have him.

It is unconscionable to me how a member of Congress from a District with so many Veterans, who also sits on the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, could make such shameful and offensive comments about the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform. This kind of disrespect to our service members not only offends me, but is insensitive to the sacrifices made by our dedicated military families as well.

Friday night a segment aired on ABC's Channel 7 WJLA about Moran's remarks. The story has begun to capture national attention. Just minutes ago FOX News' Chris Wallace reported on Jim Moran's remarks and played the video of my response to Jim Moran.

Other stories related to Moran's remarks have been widely circulated in publications and programs such as the Weekly Standard, National Review, the Washington Examiner, the Washington Times, RedState, Hot Air, Roger Hodgecock's Show, the Blaze, FOX News' website, and so on.

We've received hundreds of responses from people all across the country who are upset about Jim Moran's disrespect to our nation's service members. Jim Moran's comments are part of a larger pattern that cannot continue.

It's imperative that we fire Jim Moran on November 2nd. Failure to do so will mean two more years of the same from a man who clearly has no respect for our military.

We cannot fail on this mission.

Even more incredulously, Jim Moran has been claiming that he has been endorsed by two military organizations; the Disabled American Veterans and the Military Officer's Association of America. The problem is, Jim Moran does not have these endorsements. Both of these organizations have sent letters to his campaign asking him to cease and desist with promoting these organizations as endorsing his campaign.

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