Saturday, October 02, 2010

They're Anti-Government Too

The recurring theme in any news article which references the TEA Party movement, aside from the racist label, is they are "anti-government."

This year, Mr Meek is trailing badly in a three-horse race. Marco Rubio, the Republican candidate, backed by the anti-government Tea Party, was initially viewed as too Right-wing for Florida. He now has a seemingly unassailable 13-point lead, according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll.(emphasis mine)
Anti-goverment? You mean like anarchists? The Ruckus Society? That's the only "anti-goverment" group I can think of. Those are the children you see at the anti-war/anti-military/pro-Hamas-Hezbollah-PLO rallies dressed in black with their faces covered so their parents won't recognize them if they get arrested for destroying private property or show up in news footage of the event.

I've yet to see a TEA party activist destroy anything or call for the elimination of all goverment.
I have seen them demand a voice in their own affairs. I've seen them call for the removal of politicians who refuse to listen to the will of the people. I've heard them tell the goverment to stop spending money on stupid projects. I've even heard them demand that the goverment leave them alone..."oh the humanity".

It's no wonder TEA Party activists are feared in campaign HQ's across the nation, Republican or Democrat. You start giving in to those demands and who knows where it might lead.

If the MFVLWM ever wants to regain it's credibility, they should refer to TEA activists as "limited government"; or "lower taxes' or "self-determination" or "personal responsibility".

Yeah, I know. Those terms aren't nearly as sexy as "anti-government" or "racist". They might be a more accurate description and they are the truth, but hey, since when has the MFVLWM ever let a little thing like "facts" get in the way of honest reporting?

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