Friday, October 08, 2010

Daily Caller DC Links

This should keep you busy this morning.
1.) Dems claim cash weakness, don't mention $250 million in union, liberal group support(The Daily Caller)
2.) EPA plans national bed bug summit(The Daily Caller)
3.) GOP candidates poised to take a third of border district House seats(The Daily Caller)
4.) Voters unhappy with Congressional ethics(The Daily Caller)
5.) The future of the South is a liberal paradise?(The Daily Caller)
6.) Recording captures Brown campaign aide calling Whitman a 'whore'(Fox News)
7.) Rangel, Waters ethics trials scheduled! (For mid-November)(AP)
8.) Attorney: Greene was just flirting with student(AP)
9.) Obama: GOP takeover of Congress would mean 'hand-to-hand combat'(Los Angeles Times)
10.) E-Mail account reveals USDA reaction to Sherrod video(AP)
11.) Dems: 'We're seeing progress'; Pollster: 'We're not seeing that'(Miami Herald)
12.) Greenspan: U.S. deficit is 'scary'; need to cut entitlement spending(Bloomberg)
13.) Iranian nukes worry neighboring Bahrain(Washington Times)
14.) Harry Reid: It is 'my constitutional duty' to spend your money(Las Vegas Sun)
15.) Media mute on Biden's violent threat against Republicans(The Daily Caller)
16.) Barney Frank not going down easy(The Daily Caller)
17.) 2010 Forbes Most Powerful Women: Empowering or embarrassing?(The Daily Caller)
18.) Ay caramba! Voice of 'Dora the Explorer' sues Nickelodeon(AP)
19.) O'Donnell: 'I'm you' part deux [VIDEO](The Daily Caller)

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