Friday, June 04, 2010

Morning Reads from the DCExaminer

Byron York - Sestak a no-go for any job. So what was the deal?
The bottom line is Sestak, as a member of Congress, could not have served on most, if not all, of the boards the White House claims it considered for him. Did the politically savvy Obama team really not know that? Or is the White House not telling us something?

Julie Mason - Obama, Ariz. governor still at odds on immigration after meeting
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer pressed President Obama in a private meeting to step up border security efforts, saying later that "we agreed to try and work together."

Sara Carter - Mexican plan to distribute IDs to illegals in California draws fire
Mexican officials and a California congressman engaged in a verbal battle Thursday over whether it was appropriate for Mexico to set up a consular office on Catalina Island to issue ID cards to illegal immigrants.

Susan Ferrechio -Senate front-runners survive bumpy starts
Rand Paul and Richard Blumenthal are apparently facing a very forgiving electorate.
Despite recent controversial comments made by the two men, who are running for the open U.S. Senate seats in Kentucky and Connecticut, respectively, they remain significantly ahead in the polls and seem to have survived any immediate political damage.

More Stories
On Romanoff, Obama has no ideaevidence

Biden gleefully proclaims that the stimulus has created INFINITY JOBS!

Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., says ‘white supremacists hate groups’ behind Ariz. immigration law
I knew it was those damn white supremacists. They're so ....supreme. Sanchez is a party line spouting idiot.

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