Friday, May 21, 2010

Victory Through Inveigling

What will it take to convince our rank and file Federal law enforcement agents that radical islamic jihadists don't turn? They will not turn against their core beliefs or allah or mohammed. They are dedicated and resolved to their mission: the destruction of Western Civilization and the imposition of sharia law. They will use that opportunity as a means of continuing the jihad and gaining intelligence.

You cannot flip a "true-believer". I'm watching the FoxNews special "American Terorist". Alwaki, Al Wacky, Al the Goat Humper...either this guy is a freaking genius the way he played the US government like a symphony, or he had some serious help from people in high/low places. Its the second scenario which is most troubling.

They're laughing at us. They're sitting over there, (or sitting here) and howling with glee at the stupidity of Westerners. They know the majority of Americans do not take the threat of jihad seriously; its just a myth; it's a lie concocted to justify actions by Western agencies and governments to eliminate islam; its a continuation of the Crusades; we want to steal their oil.

Here's a newsflash for ya, Pally: Radical islamic jihadists are lying to you about everything. From the imams who encourage and inspire, to the foot soldiers who strap on the bombs or manage to convince others to do it, to the ones who scream brutality (there's irony for ya) when they are captured. They will tell you islam is a religion of peace. That it is no threat to Western society.


Its part of their operational strategy. The koran tells them to lie to further islam. mohammed is to islam what saul alinsky is to radical socialism. The koran and rules for radicals are identical in philosphy and implementation.

Subjugation of non-muslims, implementation of sharia law and total victory over Western Civilization by inveigling.

Check out this article from Political Islam.

We are all kafirs.

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