Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wartime Museum Follow-up-Video Coming

The rain held off long enough to get finished, although if you check out the pics on Facebook, you'll notice I have an umbrella over the laptop. I'll have the entire program of speakers uploaded ASAP. I have to work between two laptops, and the Dell is slow.

This museum promises to be a new experience, not only as a memorial to the veterans and the fallen, but also with displays and inter-active features that will show average Americans what its like to be a Warrior in service to your Nation. Some of the lucky ones will be able to drive an APC (Amored Personnel Carrier), and participate in re-enactments.

Multiple BZ's and OOOOORAHHHHHHHH!!!! to the Hylton Family for their generous gift, to Corey Stewart (he could be a Senator) for his untiring efforts to make this happen, and to the thousands of people who helped simply because it's the right thing to do.

Open House at the Tank Farm in Nokesville, VA on 21 and 22 August 2010. See my posts from last October 24-25, or my youtube page, to get an idea what happens at the Open House. The flamethrower is kinda neat.

Wartime Museum Mission and Facts:

Mission: The Wartime Museum will tell the stories of those who served in all branches ofthe United States military and on the American home front, from World War I to the present. Visitors will learn about personal wartime experiences, the realities of war and the sacrifices made by Americans in order to preserve our nation’s freedoms.

Site: The Museum will be located on approximately 70 acres adjacent to Interstate 95 andDale Boulevard at Exit 156 West. The Hylton Family of Prince William County donated the land for this site, which is about 22 miles from the nation’s capital.

Economic Impact:

• Project Value –The Wartime Museum represents a $50 million project.
• Economic Effect ‐ $10‐$25 million per year at surrounding restaurants, hotels and other facilities
• Job Growth – The Museum will produce about 50 direct and 35 indirect jobs in Prince William County.
• Visitation – A conservative estimate, based on a 2003 market analysis, is 300,000 visitors per year.
• Analysis ‐ The Museum is embarking on an updated market analysis for the project.

Unique Approach:
• Covers all major conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries.
• Includes all branches of the United States armed services.
• Emphasizes personal wartime stories from the battleground and the home front.
• Features the outdoor Landscapes of War with authentic replicas of battle scenes.
• Incorporates a large collection of operational military vehicles from WWI forward, both on display and in demonstrations and reenactments.
• Allows visitors to hear, touch and experience military vehicles, aircraft and naval vessels.
• Provides a firsthand view of vehicle restoration in the Renovation Hangar.
• Includes the National Veterans Visitor Center, with special services and activities for veterans, including opportunities for military reunions.

Key Partners:
Prince William County – The County has been instrumental in securing the Museum site, is providing planning assistance, and previously provided funding for the Museum.
George Mason University – The partnership will provide for joint appointments of prominent historians, opportunities for research associates and students, and significant public programming.
Gallagher & Associates – Gallagher has provided design services for early stages of the Museum development. The firm’s previous projects include The World War II Museum, Gettysburg Visitor Center, Normandy Visitors Center and International Spy Museum.
Dewberry – Dewberry, one of the top engineering firms based in the Washington, D.C. area, has provided extensive assistance and guidance during the site selection

Craig Stewart, who has achieved substantial success in organizational fundraising and development, is the President and CEO of The Wartime Museum.
Allan Cors, owner of one of the world’s largest private collections of armored vehicles, is Chairman of the Museum’s Board of Trustees.
The Museum’s leadership team includes its Board of Trustees, National Steering
Committee and National Advisory Board. Members include a former Virginia governor; a former Virginia Secretary of Transportation; a Medal of Honor recipient and other distinguished veterans; military historians, authors and journalists; and prominent business leaders.
Opening Date: The anticipated opening of The Wartime Museum is Veterans Day, November 11, 2014.
Web site: Visit http://www.thewartimemuseum.org/ for more information.

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