Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two Virginia Heros Talk About the Museum

From the earliest days of this project, we were filled with huge reservoirs of hope, ambition, and purpose. It really did start with a small group wanting to tell a very big and important story. We dedicated ourselves to honoring our service members and their families, and to educating our citizens. What strides we have taken! Surely we have had angels on our side. I imagine those angels to be the voices of American servicemen and women and their families, urging us: "Tell our story." I am gratified and humbled to be able to do just that. This facility will be a must‐go destination for all ages.

Susan Keating,
The Wartime Museum Board of Trustees
Author and Journalist, specializing in national security

We see The Wartime Museum as a favorite destination for school children with its interactive displays, oral histories of soldiers and civilians, outdoor landscapes of war, and hands‐on exhibitions featuring tanks, armored cars and other vehicles actually used in our conflicts. Who says education has to be boring?

During four decades as a war correspondent, I accompanied our troops into battle from Vietnam to Iraq, and it is a privilege to be associated with the creation of a museum to tell their stories and honor their sacrifices and that of their families. We have an obligation to remember the service of millions of Americans who have protected our freedom and defended our country. This museum will honor that obligation.

Joseph L. Galloway, (We Were Soldiers Once...and Young)
The Wartime Museum Board of Trustees

Virginia has some amazing folks. We always have. The Wartime Museum perfectly aligns with the tenets of Gathering of Eagles, EaglesUP, and Warrior Legacy Foundation. As a member of GoE, a Board Member of EaglesUP, and an unpaid volunteer for WLF, I will assist this endeavour in any way they ask.

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