Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cooking With the Troops Is Official

Change in Command

Things move fast and furious in this world, and commands change. New postings, new responsibilities, and more face those of us looking to do more. It is not just the military that experiences some of this; however, they may be the best at dealing with it...

Early on, Patti (Patti Patton-Bader, founder of Soldiers' Angels) had suggested that we look at spinning Cooking with the Wounded out into its own organization. Frankly, it was not an idea that I liked when first raised, because it was a new thing, and scary change. Yet, the idea caught on and grew.

After some fits, starts, ups, downs, and general lurching around, a step has been made. On Friday 15 April, Cooking with the Troops Inc was incorporated as a non-profit charity in the state of Indiana. With luck and some help from the Post Office, it is hoped to file for 501(c)(3) status within the next two weeks.

Making it happen: Not so simple, but fun and rewarding.

Concrete Bob, Mary Katharine Ham, and I are the founding Board members, and will serve as Chairman, Vice Chairman (and,yes, Bob might should be chair of vice instead) and Secretary. We are in the process of filling the Board and doing all manner of other things to get this off the ground. Our Board will be a bit different, in that one position has to be filled by someone who has served in combat arms (only appropriate for a charity that has a special focus on the wounded), and we have a few other surprises in store. We will also have a national advisory board, and we want to take this opportunity to make public our invitation to Patti, RickyJohn, and Matt to be members of that board.

This has happened faster than anticipated in many ways, and we don't yet have a website (just a domain or three) or many other things. Most of those are in work, and we hope to have good news to share here in the days ahead. Also, some contests and other things...

Stay tuned for updates.

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