Thursday, April 29, 2010

Commercials That Really Get Me Jacked

There are two currently running and I turn off the sound when they start running, because I swear I will lose it if I have to listen to the blatant lies and twisted facts and deliberate omission and sideways accusations that some politicians don't support the troops because they want "Big Oil" and banks to make a profit.

The first is the AARP commercial with that stupid jingle. Its quite possibliy the dumbest thing I've heard in my entire 59 years on this planet. They lump banks and investment houses in the same bad light. Question for AARP, who is going to handle retirees money if there are no banks? The government? Thats what you sapsuckers want isn't it? Dip*****.

The second is from our old friends over at VoteVets, an organaization so far to the left it needs a permit to make a right hand turn. VoteVets has somehow managed to con some otherwise resonably intelligent veterans to do a voice over or make an appearence in a commercial telling everyone that "Big Oil" is the problem and they're the ones responsible for all our KIA's and wounded, because "Big Oil" only cares about profits and continues to do business with muslim countries in the Middle East and OH MY GOD ITS SO EVIL and Randy Forbes should stop siding with "Big Oil" and we should all convert our cars to run on Mr. Bubble because only then will we be truly free from our "addiction" to oil.

Hey, whoever is running VoteVets PAC. You're a moron and everyone can see what you're about. STFU. Use that money to help Homes For Our Troops build homes for wounded veterans. Give some to the USO or Soldiers Angels. Get a life. Get a job. Get a dog. Do something productive and constructive, like advocating for offshore drilling to replace Middle East oil.

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