Monday, March 22, 2010

VA-02 News From the Candidates

Ben Loyola and Scott Taylor Launch "Contract with Congress"Congressional Reform That Restores Trust in Government

Ben Loyola and Scott Taylor, both Republican Congressional candidates in Virginia's Second District, have launched a partnership initiative of Congressional Reform called the "Contract on Congress."

"Republicans, Independents and Democrats are losing faith and trust in government," said Republican Congressional Candidate Ben Loyola. "Part of that is government's growth beyond what it can and should do effectively, but part of that is the Congressional perks and privilege that need to be reformed."

Republican Congressional Candidate Scott Taylor said, "This contract represents some of the true reform that is needed to ensure the future prosperity, character and livelihood of this nation. If we continue to elect cookie-cutter politicians, we will continue to get cookie-cutter results."

Both candidates hope that fellow Republicans will join the initiative and support the Contract.

These reforms include:

"No Taxpayer Propaganda Act"

In this age of free, electronic communications, television, radio, telephone and texting, the most outdated expense of Congress is the Frank, where taxpayers get expensive, multi-color mailpieces from politicians and taxpayers pay for every last one of them.

Ben Loyola and Scott Taylor propose ending the taxpayer funding of these expensive, multi-color political communications.

"End Congressional Pensions"

It's completely unfair to tax citizens who don't have wealthy pension plans to pay their Members of Congress to have them. Representatives serve by the will of the people, and rich retirement benefits defeats the purpose of a citizen legislature as designed by the Founders.

Ben Loyola and Scott Taylor pledge to put an end to rich pensions for the privileged in Congress. Members of Congress must live under the same types of retirement plans like 401K/403B that are regularly found in the private sector.

"Constitutional Supremacy"

America is the only country where power exists with the people, and through the Constitution the people loan this power to government to accomplish certain tasks. Too often bills pass in Congress with no basis in any reading of the Constitution. Any initiative in Washington should plainly show its Constitutional basis and justification.

Ben Loyola and Scott Taylor would favor the rule that each bill presented will explain its Constitutional basis.

"The Dozen before Dirty"

Incumbents rarely lose. Incumbents who serve more than six years almost never lose. Committees are controlled by incumbents in districts where they will never be replaced in an election. It breeds corruption.

A dozen years is enough for any representative. No Member of Congress should serve more than 12 years.

Ben Loyola and Scott Taylor pledge to propose a Constitutional Amendment to limit terms to 12 years and personally pledge not to serve more than 12 years.

"A Pork-Free Diet"

In these days of trillions of dollars of extreme debt and budget deficits that are routinely ignored by Congress, the earmark process must be reformed. Defense-related spending has a firm Constitutional basis, but earmarks for special projects that are beyond the purview of government that are simply used for political patronage and to "bring home bacon" for a district must end.

Ben Loyola and Scott Taylor pledge to introduce no earmarks and work for a ban on non-defense earmarks.

"No Pay for Overtime"

When was the last time Congress passed a budget on time? We don't know either. Instead, they pass "continuing resolutions" and "supplemental appropriations" that reward their inaction and usually get loaded up with perks and special interest favors.

Members of Congress should reimburse the Treasury for every working day the budget is not passed on time.

Ben Loyola and Scott Taylor will sponsor reforms where Members of Congress must reduce their salary for each day the budget is not passed on time.

"End Deficit Spending"

The federal government has been operating on deficit spending for decades, except for the few years during the Republican Revolution in the 90s. Today's deficits are unconscionable. Government can live within its means. It just doesn't want to.

We've got to stop excusing this deficit spending. No quarter should be asked or given. And Members of Congress should forfeit a quarter of their salary each year the budget is not in balance.

Ben Loyola and Scott Taylor pledge to propose a Constitutional Amendment to require a balanced federal budget.

"Public Option for Public Servants"

The worst kind of representation is the kind that forces citizens into systems that legislators would never accept. Any health care "public option" plan should require that each elected official be made to take the same option that they are prescribing for the people they represent.

Ben Loyola and Scott Taylor will require Members of Congress to forgo participation in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program if Congress passes a "public option" health care plan. They will have to enroll in the same public option they force upon citizens.

"Read Before You Vote"

You can't effectively represent the voters who sent you to Washington to vote on legislation when you haven't read it, but Congress does it all the time. Bills that are thousands of pages and amendments with pages in the hundreds can't possibly be read before it's time to vote.

Motions to waive reading of legislation pass with consistent success and Members of Congress pass omnibus bills and don't have a clue what's in them.

That's wrong.

Each bill should be read aloud before a quorum of each chamber, the House of Representatives and the Senate, and each member should swear that they've read each bill they vote on. Each bill should be online in sufficient time for interested Americans to read as well.
Ben Loyola and Scott Taylor pledge to read every bill they vote on and will listen to constituents who have comments, concerns and suggestions about legislation.

Scott Taylor is a candidate for the Republican nomination in Virginia's 2nd Congressional district. He is a small business owner in Virginia Beach, former Navy SEAL and Iraq-War Veteran. To learn more about Scott, please visit

Ben Loyola is a candidate for the Republican nomination in Virginia's 2nd Congressional District. He's a 25-year resident of Virginia Beach, US Naval Academy graduate, 30 year Navy veteran with combat experience, and succesful award winning business-man. Visit for more information.

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