Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top 40 Smokin' Conservative Ladies

WRVA, the 50,000 watt voice for conservative Virginia is currently running a photo montage of the top 40 hottest conservative women, starting with #40 and working down to the #1 spot.

I already have issues with the lineup.

The first 10 are up and I have to say, I already see 3 that should have been in the top ten. Amanda Carpenter, Ashley Herzog and Pam Geller are 10's with a bullet and Barbara Bush has the same facial constuction as Mary Katharine Ham, and as far as I am concerned, if MK is not in the #1 spot, this contest was rigged.

There is no one hotter than MK. I met this young lady, and I know. She is scary smart and is also one of the nicest people you'll ever raise a glass with.

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