Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prove It.

Stories are spreading throughout the media, including Fox, that Tea Party members chanted the word, "N#gg#r!.

Prove it. The accusation of "racist" has been thrown at conservatives for so long that I say the Congressmen either misheard or lying. When you "cry wolf" too many times, no one cares anymore.

In today's world, at rallies, there are uncountable sources of video recordings.
We have evidence that it did not happen.

Post it on You Tube or any, ANY liberal site.

Email it to Doc Thompson at WRVA.

Contact me at my email: cargosquid@aol.com.

Prove it.

And we will join you in denouncing any racists. But we will not surrender to your agenda any longer.

Prove it.

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