Thursday, March 25, 2010

It Was Probably Someone Just Cleaning His Weapon

Rep. Eric Cantor's Richmond Office Shot At
BY Mary Katharine Ham

House GOP leadership No. 2 Rep. Eric Cantor's home office in Richmond was shot at Wednesday night. It was his campaign office, not his congressional office:

The Department of Homeland Security is involved in the Cantor case because he is a member of the House leadership.

Fox News has also obtained a threatening message left Friday on the voicemail of Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio.

I would enjoy an in-depth media report on why these threats against GOPers are entirely irrelevant, but I'm guessing they'll just be politely ignored. Either that or the violence verification and due diligence we've not seen much of when it relates to Tea Party accusations will rev up to stipulate carefully that this isn't necessarily a politically motivated attack, which it very well may not be.
Will these violent Tea Partiers stop at nothing?

Update: Richmond Police confirm to CNN that the office was shot at over the weekend and they're investigating. There's obviously a discrepancy on the date of the incident, so I'll update when I hear a solid one.

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