Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How the Radical Left Views Us

Randy's Right has this posted.
Be prepared for poseurs, infilitrators and trouble-makers.
On April 15th thousands of right-wingers will attend rallies in cities and towns across the United States. The organizers of this nationwide day of protest call it a tea party. This tea party movement that emerged only a year ago is a coalition of conservatives, anti-Semites, fascists, libertarians, racists, constitutionalists, militia men, gun freaks, homophobes, Ron Paul supporters, Alex Jones conspiracy types and American flag wavers.

Those American flag wavers and the constitutionalists are the ones that worry me the most. There's no telling what we'll do.

I resent being lumped in with the ronbots and Alex Jones conspiracy types, though; I was a conspiracy freak long before Jones started spouting insane theories.

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