Tuesday, March 16, 2010

DCExaminer Morrning Email Blast

Byron York - The White House's phony case for its health plan
No matter what the White House says, the public has taken a look at the health care proposal as a whole. They don't like it. It's as simple as that.

Byron York - Pelosi: 'Once we kick through this door,' more reform will follow
If you have any doubt that the Democratic leadership of the House views passing the current health care reform bill as the beginning, not the end, of the process of creating a national government health care system, just note what Speaker Nancy Pelosi told a group of bloggers on Monday. "My biggest fight has been between those who wanted to do something incremental and those who wanted to do something comprehensive," Pelosi said, according to an account by Washington Post reform advocate Ezra Klein. "We won that fight, and once we kick through this door, there'll be more legislation to follow."

Susan Ferrechio - Dems may try to pass Obamacare without holding a vote
Democratic leaders are now devising a legislative tactic that would allow them to take a vote on a bill that makes changes to the Senate plan without ever voting on the Senate bill itself. Republicans are in an uproar of the proposal, which would "deem" the Senate bill passed, even though lawmakers will not actually put their names on the record in favor of it.

Julie Mason - Obama tries to recast health plan as a moderate move
President Obama is touting the latest version of health care reform as a measure that should draw bipartisan support -- and in a way, it does. Both sides hate it.

David Freddoso - Obama: Polls don't say what the people want
"The American people want to know if it’s still possible for Washington to look out for these interests, for their future. So what they’re looking for is some courage. They’re waiting for us to act. They’re waiting for us to lead. They don’t want us putting our finger out to the wind. They don’t want us reading polls. They want us to look and see what is the best thing for America, and then do what’s right."

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