Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coffins Do Not A Threat Convey

The Coffin on Carnahan's Lawn Was Part of Prayer Vigil, Not Threat

BY Mary Katharine Ham

I read an account from the Politico last night of Tea Party protesters allegedly placing a coffin outside the St. Louis home of Rep. Russ Carnahan.

It occured to me, as it would to any honest person not interested in painting anti-Obamacare protesters as irretrievably violent, that the coffin in question was likely a prop in a political protest. The Left used countless flag-draped coffins for eight years to symbolize the war dead in protests. As recently as this week, the use of such coffins was reported as "Symbolic coffins mark anti-war protests in Washington."

One would think if coffins qualify as threats, not political theater, the press would have been interested in the lawn full of death threats anti-war protesters delivered to the White House last weekend, according to this photo.

Lets not forget the flag-draped coffins in front of Walter Reed Army Medical Center that Code Pink and SEIU says was probably just people who wanted to make trouble for their "peace vigil".

Now we wait with baited breath for the VLWM to pick up on The Hammer's research and issue story after story correcting their original lack of journalistic due diligence.

H'mm, are those crickets I hear?

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