Saturday, February 06, 2010

Osama As Enviro-Nazi?

An administration run by czars and hippies sworn to Marxism
Welcome to the Osama-Obama Generation

An administration run by czars and hippies sworn to Marxism is capable of most anything as long as it is allowed to operate behind the scenes.

Just one day before the Underwear Bomber emerged as a “national security victory” and a “political vindication for President Obama”, Dennis C. Blair, Obama’s director
of national intelligence put us on notice that Al Qaeda and its affiliates may attempt a large-scale attack on America before July.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Al Qaeda is “certain” to try an attack soon.
What took them so long? The authorities that is, not the terrorists.

The terrorists, building their very own camps for target practice on American soil, have been right under the authorities’ noses all along, in fact they were there even before 9/11.

Without intervention of any kind, terrorists have been actively recruiting for new members on the Internet and among prison populations.

When former President George W. Bush, (George W, The Hated) tried to deal with terrorists, he was slammed with accusations of water boarding and other “cruelties”.

Now they get their Miranda rights read to them, the right to remain silent, and the prospect of show trials in major American cities with the same kind of publicity potential as an O.J. Simpson. The Johnny Cochrans and Marcia Clarks are waiting in the wings.

The story being spun by the new Marxist regime in the White House is that foiled terrorist attacks, nine years in the making, are being stopped by Obama within the first year of his presidency.

According to the spin, all dufus terrorists start to sing like proverbial canaries. Diplomacy is so much better than waterboarding, right?

Even to the present day, a politically correct media and authorities do not name perps. Passengers on airflights who witness “dry runs” are instructed to stay Mum.
It should be a new more terrifying kind of terrorism now that Obama and Osama are singing from the same page of the hymnal and are on the same wave length on UN-inspired Marxist tactics like Global Warming is going to kill you!

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