Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No Global warming

In light of Professor Phil Jones admission that there has been no statistical warming for 15 years,
the global warming hoax is finally falling apart. Other scientists that disagreed with the "settled science" are getting exposure.

Of course, the fact that the Earth is not warming due to AGW is not going to stop the meddlers from trying to control us. The EPA and Obama's administration is still on track to regulate CO2.

The AGW proponents, of course, complain that this means nothing, that the actual science is too complex and is settled. They still continue to promote the canard of CO2 as a "greenhouse gas."

American Thinker exposes the fraud of CO2 Long Wave Infrared Absorption.

"Computer-simulated results based on climate models are never a replacement for actual measured data, and they should never be used to draw conclusions when actual measured data contradicts those models. So the results of three different peer-reviewed papers show that over a period of 36 years, there is no reduction of OLR emissions in wavelengths that CO2 absorb. Therefore, the AGW hypothesis is disproven. "

The commenter goodspkr puts it succintly:
So we know that with examples of petty jealousy, poor record keeping, conspiracies against non-conforming scientists, the use of non-peer reviewed material in the IPCC report, conflicts of interest, and just simply poor science, the AGW industry suddenly found itself in the role it sought to put skeptics in, that is, defending itself from charges of bad science and bad motives. And now you add to this proof that AGW caused by CO2 isn't happening. Talk about kicking someone when they are down!!!

Now, comes another scandal. We "deniers" have always claimed that climate projections based on computer models are junk. Well, here is evidence that we are correct.

Peter Landesman at American Thinker:
The forecasts of global warming are based on mathematical solutions for equations of weather models. But all of these solutions are inaccurate. Therefore, no valid scientific conclusions can be made concerning global warming. The false claim for the effectiveness of mathematics is an unreported scandal at least as important as the recent climate data fraud.
His summation puts the problem in words that even politicians can understand.
As an expert in the solutions of non-linear differential equations, I can attest to the fact that the more than two-dozen non-linear differential equations in weather models are too difficult for humans to have any idea how to solve accurately. No approximation over long time periods has any chance of accurately predicting global warming. Yet approximation is exactly what the global warming advocates are doing. Each of the more than thirty models being used around the world to predict the weather is just a different inaccurate approximation of the weather equations. (Of course, this is an issue only if the model of the weather is correct. It is probably not, because the climatologists probably do not understand all of the physical processes determining the weather.)

Of course, the AGW fanatics won't let facts get in the way of their politics......

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