Sunday, February 14, 2010

Morning Radio: You Should Listen

Norman Leahy from Tertium Quids is hosting WRVA's morning show. Should make for a good ride to the shipyard in the morning.

So tomorrow's the big day, when I guest host WRVA's morning show from 5AM to 9 AM while that Richmond institution, Jimmy Barrett, gets some well-deserved time off.

While there's plenty of normal news radio fare -- headlines, weather, sports and traffic -- there are a few opportunities for guests to appear.

Here's who I have on tap for tomorrow morning...

Dr. Bob Holsworth, Richmond's resident political sage and publisher of Virginia Tomorrow.

Dr. Adam Schaeffer, a Virginia Institute senior fellow in education reform and a Cato Institute policy analyst.

Dr. Ron Utt, an Virginia Institute adjunct fellow, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, and a member of Bob McDonnell's transition team.

Stephen Moore, the senior economics writer for the Wall Street Journal and former president of the Club for Growth.

Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia's Attorney General.

Dr. Pat Michaels, the former Virginia climatologist, a distinguished senior fellow at George Mason University and a senior fellow at the Cato Institute.

If you're inclined to do so, the live, online stream can be heard here, though I am told that when conditions are just right, the signal can be heard, clearly, as far away as Cleveland.

For the record, in the winter of 1966, the car I was riding in picked up the WRVA signal north of Marlette, Michigan.

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