Thursday, February 11, 2010


The Tea Party and the 9-12 organizations need to vet their potential candidates a little better.

H/T Bubba at What Bubba Knows

Kokesh for Congress? No thanks, we already have enough immoral narcissists in D.C.

After spending most of the last decade in the company of communists and anti-American groups like CodePink, ANSWER,, SDS and IVAW, Adam Kokesh is now a conservative republican running for congress.

Donkey Doodle!

Adam thinks we are stupid, or more specifically, he thinks New Mexico conservatives are stupid enough to believe that he has changed colors. Does he expect forgiveness for his association with commies, America-Bashers and Troop Haters? If so, he's forgotten to actually ask for it.

» Say NO!! to IVAW's Adam Kokesh, "Republican"?!!!! for Congress?

Note that Kokesh has the endorsement of Ron and Rand Paul? Does that means he's abandoned his old anti-war commie buds to hang with 9/11 truthers and Jew Haters. No way!
Why would he? Truthers and anti-semites mix rather well with communists.

» DPNM: “Who is Adam Kokesh to lecture anyone on corruption?”

» Mullins: "Kokesh’s actions “dishonor the military”

Kokesh has a national base of Tea Party advocates, but Mullins describes himself as an organizer in the Farmington Tea Party movement.

Wrong. Kokesh has a national base of Tea Party Infiltrators and usurpers.
Established on February 10, 2010 : American Patriots Against Kokesh

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