Tuesday, February 09, 2010

But It Couldn't Happen Here

Geert Wilders to INN: 'Traditional European Freedom at Stake'
Hillel Fendel - Feb 09, 2010 IsraelNN.com

Geert Wilders, of the PVV (Party for Freedom) in the Netherlands, is on trial in his native Holland, charged with five counts of discrimination against Muslims and similar offenses. He says that it's not he who's on trial, but his "freedom of speech" - and that at stake are traditional European freedoms.

In an exclusive interview with IsraelNationalRadio's Yishai Fleisher on Monday, Wilders said, "I'm fighting for one thing: the preservation of our culture, which is based on Christianity, Judaism and humanism - and not on Islam… While Islamization of our society grows, the political elite looks in the other direction and ignores the real problem, namely, the impending loss of our freedom. I am fighting not against Moslems, but against the influx of a totalitarian ideology called Islam."

"If I am convicted, freedom of speech in Europe will have been brought backwards a few centuries."

"People must know that I, a democratically elected politician who does not employ violence and the like, am being put on trial for speaking my mind and for making a movie (Fitna) that simply quotes the Koran itself. There must only be one outcome for this trial, and that is a full acquittal - and if not, Europe will pay a heavy price."

Click here to hear the full interview.

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