Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Achmed the Dead Terrorist has new friends

14 "alleged" terrorists die of incompetent wiring, faulty components, and a massive explosion,.......but mainly of massive explosion.

Their own. Apparently they attended Achmed's training camp......

.....So, look as a suicide bomber have you had training?~Of course, we had this suicide bomber training camp.~Ah, is that a nice facility?~It used to be...~What happened?~New guy! The idiot tried to practise!~What did you guys learn from that?~Location, location, location....

.....Oh, if you must know, I am a horrible suicide bomber...~What happened?~I had a premature detonation...~I set the timer for 30 minutes, but it went off in 4 seconds!
CNN reports that they "mistakenly" blew up.
Anytime terrorists are "blowed up real good" by their own bombs, that's not a mistake

h/t Say Uncle

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