Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 Elections Will Localize A National Problem

The expression "all politics is local" is moot for this election cycle. All of us need to not only work and promote local candidates, we need to identify those candidates in other states that have our Nations interests at heart and will abide by Constitutional limitations and make sure they get noticed.

This site will keep abreast of several out-of-state contests, including a state level race in Illinois for the 41st District, the 25th District of Texas, 22nd District of Florida, to name a few.

The outlook for the 3rd District of Virginia will be clearer next week. We will post what we are given by the people who know. I can tell you there will be a fight for this seat. Scott has had his last free ride.

The 2nd District of Virginia has someone running who comes highly recommended by people I respect. Scott Taylor deserves a look. Navy SEAL, businessman, activist. has a thread listing all the state elections.

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