Sunday, December 06, 2009

Why Radical Islam Is A Threat

Free Americans believe everyone should have the opportunity to practise their religious beliefs as they see fit. However, we must draw a line when that belief system restricts the opportunities of others to do the same. We cannot allow one religion to take precedence over another.

From Sea to Shining Sea

Islam is not “just another religion” to be granted the protection and deference we grant to other religions like Judaism and Christianity. Islam demands that it be the only religion and that all must bow down to it in all matters, religious and civil – from marriage and divorce to contract disputes and to punishments for criminal behavior. Islam is incompatible with our constitutional government and must be dealt with before it grows along with the exploding birth rates of its members. It is the duty of all Muslims to work toward the imposition of Islam and the Sharia wherever they live, and the only way to counter this is to shut down any further immigration of Muslims into this country.

The rot of multiculturalism is not just something that will some day destroy America, it is already well on its way, as the events pertaining to the massacre by a Muslim terrorist at Fort Hood make abundantly clear. What has happened to our army at higher command levels began long before Obama came to the presidency, but the lunacy of deliberately casting a blind eye at the role of Muslims in world-wide terrorism has gotten much worse, and this has become a perilous problem for all Americans as home-grown Muslim terrorism gathers strength.

God and Government: Islam and West Are Incompatible
American Thinker

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