Thursday, December 24, 2009

DCExaminer Morrning Email Blast

Tapscott's Copy Desk
Fresh and insightful opinion from Tapscott's Copy Desk, by the Washington Examiner's Editorial Page Editor Mark Tapscott.


2009 has been Obama's year of falling swiftly

Mark Tapscott, Examiner Columnist
"To grasp the depth of the gathering disappointment with Obama, consider this fact: He is less popular today, not quite a year into his first term, than the battered and bruised George W. Bush was at the end of his eight years in office."

A football player with a higher calling

Gregory Kane, Examiner Columnist
"In December of 2007, Sports Illustrated published a story about those remarkable folks with the last name of Rolle and their forebears in the Bahamas islands called the Exumas."

A rude awakening for the naive Left on Big Government.

David Freddoso, Examiner Columnist
"The free market is a harsh mistress, but a fair one. Big Government, on the other hand, is always for sale to the powerful."

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