Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What To Expect From The Courts For the Next 3 Years

Zero will load the Appeals Courts with activist judges and the Inquisition will commence.

Family Research Council

For Liberals, Hamilton Is 7th Heaven

When President Obama nominated David Hamilton to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, his staff said the selection "is a kind of signal" about the kind of judge this White House is seeking. If that's the case, then the signal must be: left turn ahead!

Judge Hamilton is an anti-faith extremist whose cases are only notable for their blatant religious prejudice. In the suit for which Hamilton is most recognized, the judge struck down 188 years of prayers "in Jesus' Name" to open the Indiana legislature claiming it unconstitutionally "advanced Christianity." It was a decision that was later reversed by the same court to which Hamilton is now nominated -- the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. What Hamilton lacks in Christian tolerance he makes up for in Islamic hospitality.

The judge may have struck prayers in Jesus' name but has welcomed any in Allah's.
As for his interpretation of the law, Hamilton is on record suggesting that America 's judges "writ[e] footnotes to the Constitution." He's ruled against abortion waiting periods and tougher penalties for sex offenders.

The Washington Times warned readers, "This judge is a radical's radical," whose past jobs have included fundraising for ACORN and heading up Indiana 's chapter of the ACLU. Senate leaders are hoping to slip a vote on Hamilton's confirmation past conservatives this week.

Our sources on the Hill tell us that Democrats may be persuaded to postpone the vote if the grassroots make enough noise. You know what that means! Pick up the phone today and call your Senators. Remind them that a vote for Hamilton is a vote for a judicial activist who is committed to driving a political agenda that's out of step with mainstream America. For more ammunition, check out FRC's letter to Senators explaining why we're scoring the bill.

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