Monday, November 09, 2009

There Were 14 Lives Taken At Ft Hood

The news reports keep saying 13 people were killed by the asshat moozie jihadi turncoat. They are wrong.

There were 14 lives taken by this worthless piece of excrement in search of its 72 goats in whatever passes for paradise in their twisted little minds.

One of the Warriors who died was pregnant. Two months pregnant.

So this lying piece of scum took a truly innocent life when it decided to load two weapons, pack extra clips, and walk into a building full of unarmed people and start shooting. Some of those killed were shot in the back, BTW.

There is a room in Hell reserved for monsters such as this. There is no room service, no bellhops, no phone, no pool. And if there is justice, there are no windows or doors, once its inside. Just the screams of the souls this terrorist sent to Heaven.

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