Sunday, October 18, 2009

VoteVets Is Dishonest and Despicible

They have never endorsed a conservative candidate, veteran or otherwise.
From Wikki:
Initially composed of United States Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, the organization views defense policy as an American priority. The stated goal of the PAC is to put in Congress Afghanistan or Iraq war veterans who are critical of the execution of the war in Iraq.

They run this ad thanking Perriello for voting for the Wacky-Marxist Cap and Tax Bill. (I'm not cluttering up our site with a bunch of videos from these asshats)

Then, they have the audacity to run radio spots encouraging Sens Warner and Webb to support the Senate version of Cap and Tax and use the sacrifices of our nations' Warriors to justify what VoteVets calls a fight "against big oil and special interests".

If they had a true American agenda, they'd be working to insure this country had resources to help returning veterans, not working to reduce or eliminate jobs in domestic energy production here in Virginia and across the Nation.

Shabby and tasteless, especially when you consider this:

Now We Know Whose Side They Are On

No Oil for Blood
Thanks to three American senators, China will be pumping Iraqi oil
by Frederick W. Kagan 09/16/2008 3:15:00 PM

If they are so concerned about the sacrifices of their brothers in arms, why do they endorse candidates who divert critical funding for fuel and ammunition to pork barrel projects?

Why are they only endorsing candidates who are against the Global War on Terrorism?

This Ain't Hell (but you can see it from here), has some more background and current information on votevets.


Suppose you work for a veterans service organization and you have $400,000 to spend on that service to veterans. What would you spend it on? Maybe lobbying to get the President to make a timely decision about supporting the troops engaged in Afghanistan?

Maybe an outreach program to veterans who suffer from traumatic brain injuries or PTSD? Perhaps use the money to influence Congress to exempt veterans who rely on the VA or other military health care from the impending penalty for having free healthcare?

Maybe something like a memorial to people who serve? An outward-bound program for disabled veterans?

Something to let those currently deployed know that we’re thinking of them?

Well, not if your organization is named VoteVets - you’d spend your $400,000 on RADIO spots for pushing a clean energy bill.

Yeah, they’re calling it an “ad blitz” but how hard is it to “blitz” a 19th century technology? And a “clean energy” ad buy? Of course, their strategy is to perpetuate the “war for oil” lie;

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