Tuesday, October 13, 2009

They're Gonna Shove It Down Our Throats

and the only way we are going to be able to fix it is to elect enough true conservatives to overturn it in the next session, IF we last that long. This monstrosity isn't even written yet, and they're passing it. I hope all you useful idiots that put these socialist morons in power are happy.

Cap and Tax will be next. Then God knows what they'll try.

Health Care by Committee

It's been described as "misleading," "anti-family," "anti-job," "pro-abortion," and, my personal favorite, "a proverbial mackerel rotting on the beach in the moonlight"--but no matter what you call it, Sen. Max Baucus's (D-Mont.) health care plan may be the
President's best shot at reform. Today, Baucus's Finance Committee approved his "concept" by a 13-9 vote, even as more news breaks on what the proposal would actually mean to American families.

In the last few days, plenty has been written about the plan's hidden taxes and higher premiums, but the most glaring revelation is the fact that lower- and middle-class citizens will be the ones hurting under Baucus's "compromise." Despite President Obama's promise that he wouldn't raise taxes "one penny" on the average family, Bloomberg News broke down the report from the Joint Committee on Taxation and found that individuals who make less than $200,000 a year will be footing a whopping 87% of Baucus's bill. And these are folks who already have health insurance!

Experts at PricewaterhouseCoopers have also studied the fallout for families under the Finance Committee's plan. By their calculations, the average family pays about $12,300 for their current coverage, but under Baucus's concept, it would increase to $21,300 by 2016." The Heritage Foundation fleshes it out this way: instead of reducing a family's health insurance premiums by $2,500 per year, as President Obama promised, this plan would actually raise them $4,000 more than they would have been without reform. On top of that, the plan still includes abortion as a necessary part of health care.

As bad as it is now, the final plan will be worse. Despite what does or doesn't pass today, the leaders in the House and Senate intend to stuff the conference bill fuller than a turkey at Thanksgiving. Sen. Harry Reid has promised to reinsert the public option along with a host of other bad amendments concocted behind closed doors that no one will see--until it's too late.

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