Tuesday, October 06, 2009

An Islamic Extremist Is Just That...

An Islamic extremist is an Islamic extremist, regardless of the sect or organization he claims to represent. They all need a one-way, non-refundable pass to paradise and 72 goats.

If there was one fact we learned from Viet Nam, it was this:

Politicians don't win wars; soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen win wars when they are allowed to do their job and provided with the materiel to function as Warriors.
Generals know what to do. Thats how they got to be Generals in the first place.

Stop screwing around. KTALGSIT.
If Afghanistan is a "war of necessity" as the Commander In Chief says, how can any level of leadership allow our men and women to be without the resources to win??

Nothing is more despicable than sending men and women into war and then betraying them while in battle...it would be entirely appropriate for the military chain of command to withdraw all troops to safe areas, expect a victory position within 72 hours from the Commander in Chief with credible proof of resources to win, otherwise, the military chain of command resigns.

Not one more drop of American blood spilled while Washington D.C. leadership cowers in surrender.

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