Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Rid of Nancy Rodrigues

Time for an anti-Tim Kaine Surge!

Don't wait til after we've won...start the clean-up now.

We need every Virginia Delegate and Senator on this ASAP!!!

Write or call and DEMAND that Timmy fire Nancy Rodrigues, who he appointed as Secretary of the State Board of Elections in 2007.

She intentionally disenfranchised the military overseas in the 2008 election, stating that there was no 'deadline' to mail those ballots. The judge ruled that she was out of line. She's a Democrat partisan operative overseeing our electoral process.

She's also the one who had the public hissy fit about not enough ballots in Chesterfield last year.

This deliberate action to exclude the military from voting is so reprehensible I'm at a loss for words. Call! Write! Demand accountability and her removal PRIOR to Nov. 3rd!

Should we mount a protest against her? I'm game.

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