Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fred Does Video For Hoffman

Take note party line Republicans. The grassroots are running this show, not you. The Republican Party machine is slowly grinding to a halt from all the BS accumulating in the gears, but don't worry, most of us are very adept at cleaning and re-building machinery.

H/T FreeRepublic
Fred Thompson: 'Send Washington A Message' By Voting Hoffman
NY Daily News ^ 10/27/2009 Elizabeth Benjamin

Former US senator, 2008 presidential contender and "Law & Order" star Fred Thompson stars in a new TV ad for NY-23 candidate Doug Hoffman in which he urges voters to "send a message to Washington" by voting for the Conservative nominee.

Thompson, who was among the first national pols to endorse Hoffman, has a history with the New York Conservative Party.

In January 2008, state Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long called Thompson his "favorite candidate" and hinted at an early endorsement. This was a snub to the hometown GOP contender, Rudy Giuliani, which isn't so surprising, since Long and the former mayor have never had a great relationship.

Thompson was the guest of honor at the party's annual fall reception last year, too.

In this ad, which is paid for by Hoffman's campaign as opposed to the Club for Growth or NRCC, Thompson calls the candidate "a principled conservative" (he's an enrolled Republican who decided to run after losing out on the nomination from the 11 local county chairs to Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava).

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