Thursday, September 03, 2009

SSL Certs, White House and Privacy

Huge H/T to my bud Bigg Bill in PA for sending out the email. Hand salute to SWWBO over at Castle Arrghh for taking the initiative.

This is serious stuff, friends, if its true.

Glen Reynolds had a short post that the White House is looking to harvest personal data from Social Networking Websites like Twitter and Facebook. He doesn’t think that’s as scary as it sounds.
I do.
In fact, I wonder if someone at the White House has already been fiddling around with trying to insert SSL Certificates on unsuspecting users’ computers.
Last week, I made a somewhat disparaging remark about the Obama White House (not at all an unusual thing for me to do). I shut down Twitter, then about an hour
later, reopened it and saw this warning:

You'll have to click this link for the images.

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