Friday, September 18, 2009

So Exactly What Was Happning in San Francisco in the 1970's?

Princess Nan, ruler of the house of SanFran, purveyor of crocodile tears, mistress of the realm of Berkley, and a favorite of code oink, says she's "concerned" about the signs she saw in DC on Saturday, because she saw "anti-government rhetoric" which reminded her of "the late '70s in San Francisco" when "it created a climate in which violence took place."

Well, through the power and magic of the internet, (you think algore is sorry he invented this thing, yet?), I found this little tidbit:

The Gay Pride Freedom Day Parade

The signs were mild in comparison to the behavior of the attendees.

What exactly is she referring to?
This is another Alinsky tactic.

It diverts attention away from the legitimate issue of ever increasing government intrusion and makes the people who are talking about it the villans. It creates an "I told you so moment" when someone from the extreme left initiates a violent confrontation with a member of the pro-liberty movement and the "wise ones" on high can look down on the pesants and "tsk tsk" and say "See, we told you this would create violence."

Lets get this straight: The ONLY people using violence are on the left.
Union thugs who beat up Townhall attendees;
The New Black Panther Party who use threats of violence to intimidate voters;
Muslim terrorists who kill innocents.

There was no violent anti-government rhetoric on any sign that I saw on Saturday.
I saw homemade signs expressing concerns about the direction our Nation is headed.
I saw Lyndon LaRouche people (LaRouche people have the same level of credibility as the New Black Panther Party) carrying signs with pictures of Obama with a Hitler-esque moustache.

Here is a link to over 300 images from the 9/12 March.

I sent it to O'Reilly after that lovefest he had with Sally Quinn Friday night.
Find a violent sign. I defy anyone to find one.
(#63 has a suspicious looking character in the right corner.)

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