Saturday, August 08, 2009

Something Fishy This Way Comes

Dear Mr. President,
I have seen some things that seem fishy and I wish to report the following items:

1. A man who is likely constitutionally ineligible to be president has taken office and has failed to produce a valid birth certificate to prove that he was born in the USA. I, however, needed an original birth certificate to get a driver's license.

2. This usurper has advanced policies designed to enslave the American population and promote the power of his People's Democratik Party, including among these policies a health care plan that will sacrifice older and sicker citizens for the good of the collective.

3. The health care plans already run by the federal government will go broke in nine years, but there is no plan to reform them because they are run by the state.

4. The plotters mentioned above want the government to take over health care for everyone to solidify absolute dependence on the government and assure their perpetual power. They want to eliminate the free market and destroy capitalism.

5. This politician promoted himself as a constitutional expert, yet we are not able to review his records from Harvard. Additionally, he was purported to be a great orator and a brilliant scholar, but he is not able to speak eloquently without a teleprompter and he cannot understand simple math. He is further not able to grasp the simplest of economic concepts, such as: a $3 trillion deficit is bad for the economy. Yet, he wants to run our health care system.

6. The individual in question is also an anti-Semitic racist who claims that opposition to his policies indicates racism on the part of others, though it merely indicates that his policies are abhorrent to the principles of liberty.

7. He is appalled by the waterboarding of terrorists but has conspired to increase the number of medical torture procedures in which the arms and legs of babies are ripped off in the womb, or pointed tubes are shoved into their brains, which are then sucked out. His health care plan promotes these barbaric procedures, and he is in favor of making it illegal for doctors to refuse to perform them.

8. He also has a friend who once bombed the Pentagon, and he supports an organization that has practiced widespread voting fraud and has shifted the Census to White House control in order to manipulate the results.

9. This man, with help from Vice-foot-in-mouth Joe Biden, Prime Minister Nancy Pelosi and Comrade Harry Reed, has conspired to undermine the Constitution of the United States, contrary to his oath of office. He has attempted to circumvent debate and rush legislation at blitzkrieg speed to prevent opposition to his unconstitutional policies. Those who oppose are labeled as an angry mob.

10. Finally, his administration has asked citizens to report things that sound "fishy." He was critical of the prior administration for wiretapping terrorists, but he has instituted a policy of having citizens report the activities of other citizens to the government. He has also actively attempted to manipulate and control the free press.

In summary, the man who now occupies the White House is an ineligible imposter whose actions indicate his intent to destroy this republic. He has shown himself to be petty, incompetent, paranoid and despotic. Are these things fishy enough for you? They certainly seem fishy to me. I have therefore carried out my duty and reported on the things that seem fishy as directed by your website. I do hope that you will look into these irregularities and let me know what you plan to do about them.

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