Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New Cars For Everyone

I've been reading the Constitution again. I'm looking for the section that grants Congress the authority to give tax revenues to Americans so they can buy a new car. I know its in there, and I'm going to find it. It must be in there, because I'm certain Congress wouldn't do anything that ran contrary to its Constitutionally mandated powers of authority.

Maybe if the Founders had put an index or appendix or bibliography or used footnotes, it would be easier to find.

Meanwhile, I will continue to drive my Dodge pickup with the 360 cubic inch engine getting 15 miles a gallon at 80 miles an hour with Hank Jr in the tape deck and the A/C cranked up to MAX.

and I will enjoy every freaking minute of it because my truck earns more than minimum wage and most third world countries and it is tax free, BABABABABABAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

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