Monday, June 29, 2009

Hope you enjoy a return to the old days

The House has passed the Trade Knee Capping Cap and Trade Bill. This madness is just one result of the environmentalist movement to "reduce our carbon footprint."

Look at the 32 year old woman on the right. She had a minuscule carbon footprint. Welcome to the world that the Greens want back.

Expensive energy = more human power needed.
Expensive energy = no time saving devices.
Expensive energy = prolonged national depression.

Protein Wisdom explores the nature of these "lying, misanthropic, baby-hating Luddite.(s)"

Modern Americans have NO freaking clue as to the reality of a world with energy rationing. No freaking clue as to the reality of living in a world of little or no available gasoline.

They all think that life will be the same except that we'll all be "saving the Earth." MMMMMMmmmm. Won't that keep us warm at night. I'm sure those idiots will object to my increase use of lumber to burn when fuel and electricity prices skyrocket. I'm sure that they won't mind too much when forests are being turned into fuel. Just think of all that soot going into the air......
THAT will be helpful in cooling the planet.....

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