Monday, June 29, 2009

Get Out Of Our House

Last Saturday night approximately 100 people packed the meeting room at BassProShops in Ashland to hear Tim Cox explain the concept of GOOOH.

I was in attendance and I must say the man has a plan. It's going to require cooperation from all corners of the conservative movement, but if we can make it work, I think this country can be saved from the headlong rush into socialism we seem to be trapped in.

And trapped is what we will be if we don't do something, and do it soon. We need good solid conservatives who would be willing to perform the duties of a Representative the way it was intended: a citizen legislature, like Virginia, which meets twice a year to take care of the country's business, and then goes home to their regular job.

I can think of a half a dozen Virginia delegates who would be perfect candidates.

We are being spoon-fed this crap and told we need it.
They're pissing in our ear and telling us it's raining.

From Cap and Tax to healthcare to goverment takeover of industry where a sitting CEO of a private corporation can be fired by the President of the United States for no apparent reason to Congress exceeding the powers granted by the Constitution; we are being screwed big time and K-Y is optional.

Stalin and Lenin are doing a jig in Hell watching us being led down the road they paved.

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